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L'un des challenges de la substitution d'urine est de s'assurer que l'urine reste à la température normale du corps (32-36 °C). Certains laboratoires réalisent à présent des dépistages d'urine synthétique Faites attention à la température des urines que vous rendez: elles doivent être à 37°. Les urines doivent être conservées au frais. Un frigo suffira pour un jour ou deux, au-delà utilisez un congélateur à -20°. Pour la décongélation, réchauffez doucement votre flacon au micro-ondes ou laissez tremper dans de l'eau très chaude The time from urination to temperature measurement may not exceed 4 minutes. If the temperature of a urine specimen is outside the range of 90 °F to 100 °F The cheaters don't know this, well not until they read this article. So we check the temperature, invariably it is too hot, anywhere up to 108° F

Je viens d'apprendre que je passe un test urinaire lundi qui arrive et la dernière fois que j'ai fumé c'était dimanche dernier, donc à mon avis le test sera positif. Du coup j'ai pensé à. Under normal situations, fresh urine will display a temperature between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit on the temperature strip, if read within four minutes of the collection. Should the temperature strip not register, the specimen should be immediately re-checked using a new cup (or strip) and the results recorded on the requisition

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The correct temperature of human urine should be at around 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 Fahrenheit up to 100 F; otherwise, a urinalysis with incorrect urine temperature will be unsuccessful. Your sample's temperature range should be tested within four minutes of submission Normal human urine is typically 94-96°F, but it will of course start cooling down (or warming up if it's an extremely warm day) as soon as it leaves the body. So, for drug testing, a urine temperature in the range of 90-100°F is usually acceptable. Anything outside this range will be very suspicious, and your sample will likely be rejected

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In short, the most optimal temperature of a urine drug test sample is 90-102 degrees Fahrenheit. That's not too cold, not too hot, it feels just right and natural. Alright, here are the best 3 methods of how to prevent the temperature of your urine to fall out of the optimum interval prior to a drug test Aliquots of each urine sample were analyzed within 60 minutes of collection or after storage at room or refrigeration temperatures (20 vs 6 degrees C [68 vs 43 degrees F]) for 6 or 24 hours Temperature Strips adhere to the side of a urine sample bottle. Temperature Strips show if urine sample is within normal range. Show temerpature from 90 to 100 degrees F. Show temerpature from 32 to 38 degrees C

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Exemple : l'urinomètre est étalonné à 20 °C La température de l'urine est 26 °C La densité est de 1,021 La température de l'urine est supérieure de 6 °C à la température d'étalonnage. Il faut donc ajouter au chiffre la densité : 6/3 × 0,001 = 2 × 0,001 = 0,002. La densité réelle de l'urine est donc : 1,021 + 0,002 = 1,023& 0 1 ` Lv 7. il y a 1 décennie. De toute. The normal temperature of urine leaving the human body will land somewhere around 94-96°F (which is about 35 °C). Hence, if you're too far off that normal mark, you may be in some trouble To account for variations in body temperature and immediate cooling, most drug test labs consider 90°F - 100°F degrees to be a valid urine temperature. In this article, we'll discuss how to keep urine warm for drug test, which methods work, and which don't The first and foremost reason of why they fail during drug test is due to the temperature of their urine, and thus they present Fake or synthetic urine that also may vary from the temperature range of the original drug-free urine sample. Click Here To Pass Urine Drug Test (1 Minute Trick) There are some Analysis that are to be analyzed while Urine Drug test they are:- The normal temperature of.

Conservation de l'urine a température ambiante . yee28py. Invité Posté le 31/03/2013 à 09:58:28 . Bonjour ! J'ai pas l'habitude de faire ça, mais là je suis en situation de stresse dira t'on. Etant une fumeuse disons plutôt, bonne fumeuse de cannabis, 1-2 joins par jour et un peu plus le week-end, je risque très fortement de devoir passer un pipi test par mes adorables parents anti. effectuer le test le plus rapidement après le recueil des urines. Le mode d'emploi de la bandelette doit également être respecté. Ne pas verser l'urine sur la bandelette, mais plonger la bandelette dans l'urine en humectant toutes les zones réactives, puis la retirer immédiatement. Pour la lecture, la bandelette doit être tenue. The normal temperature of human urine ranges from 94°F to 96°F (about 35°C). The temperature of a drug test sample must be measured during the first 4 minutes after it was received, as the sample changes depending on the ambient temperature. Acceptable range is from 90°F to 100°F (32°C - 38°C)

Well, because a urine sample used for testing needs to meet certain conditions such as ambient temperature etc., the design and/or act of substituting anyone else's urine or even fake urine for a test might not be a smart idea if it's an impromptu test or if you are required to provide the urine under observation. But if any of these scenarios do not apply to you, then I think you can get. La température s'élève au moment de l (idéalement avec la première urine du matin, mais les nouveaux tests sont de moins en moins exigeants) et d'attendre. Si c'est positif, le test.

The temperature-measuring device used must accurately reflect the temperature of the specimen and not contaminate the specimen. The time from urination to temperature measurement may not exceed 4 minutes. If the temperature of a urine specimen is outside the range of 90 °F to 100 °F (32 °C to 38 °C), that is a reason to believe the donor may have altered or substituted the specimen The reason for this temperature test is that it's just so darn hard to regulate the temperature of a urine sample that doesn't actually come out of your bladder. In this way, test labs can quickly discard false samples that are clearly fakes as they fall outside a specific temperature range, being either warmer or cooler than required

You can totally pass a drug screening with someone else's pee. I was getting away with it for months at the methadone clinic. I eventually got caught but it is definitely possible. I had a homie going to the clinic with me that was on probation so.. L'analyse d'urine est un ensemble de tests effectués pour examiner votre urine. Elle permet de trouver et de mesurer des substances comme les électrolytes, le sucre (glucose), les protéines, le sang, les cellules et les bactéries. On peut aussi l'appeler test d'urine. Pourquoi on fait une analyse d'urine . On fait souvent une analyse d'urine dans le cadre d'un examen de. Tous les tests de dépistage sur votre pharmacie en ligne. Disponible en stock. Prix les bandelettes Uritest permettent à domicile de détecter dans l'urine la présence de : glucose (sucre) protéines (albumine) nitrites et leucocytes (indices d'infection urinaire) Seuils de détection : leucocytes : 5 à 15 leucocytes/champ. Le test détecte une concentration de 10 leucocytes/mm 3 et. A urine drug test, also known as a urine drug screen, is quick and painless. It tests urine for the presence of illegal drugs and prescription medications Each temperature strip can test the validity of a urine sample from 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit A green dot appears below the temperature reading within a few seconds giving you immediate results These temperature stickers easily stick to any collection device, such as a urine collection cup Easy to apply, perfect for plastic specimen urine cups, lab beakers, or baby bottles Specifications for.

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Urine Test Temperature - Where To Buy. The metabolite medication screening firms try to find is generally THC-COOH, which is generally saved in your body's fat cells. The urine test is by far the most inexpensive as well as most typical way to test for this metabolite, which's why most companies pick it. We often obtain asked about blood tests, but 99.9% of the moment you will not be. As you can see, passing a drug test is crucial. Keep checking out to learn how to pass any drug test. What Temperature Should Urine Be. If you want to entirely detox from marijuana or any other kind of drug, you can do it using the complete Toxin Rid Detox option. 10 Day Detox (suggested): Here 5 Day Detox: Here. The following are alternatives for passing the 4 types of drug tests and. WFPD: Parolee charged with falsifying drug test after urine sample temperature was too hot Local News Posted: Sep 21, 2020 / 04:32 PM CDT / Updated: Sep 21, 2020 / 04:32 PM CD

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  1. ant factor of the success or otherwise of your urine test lies in the temperature of the urine
  2. Temperature Of Human Urine - Where To Buy. The metabolite medication screening business look for is often THC-COOH, which is typically kept in your body's fat cells. The urine test is by far the least expensive and most typical method to evaluate for this metabolite, and that's why most employers select it. We typically obtain inquired about blood tests, however 99.9% of the moment you.
  3. L'astuce réside dans le fait de stocker l'urine à la bonne température pour l'analyse d'urine (entre 32 et 36 °C) et de l'introduire clandestinement sur le lieu de dépistage. Vous pouvez acheter des kits contenant de la fausse urine et l'équipement nécessaire pour la garder à la bonne température en ligne ou dans certains bureaux de tabac. L'urine synthétique réussit la plupart des.
  4. utes of him urinating. Mettre à jour: I'm getting tested for everything I'm guessing. It's a job related drug test. Répondre Enregistrer. 4 réponses. Pertinence. Emmy Kay. Lv 6. Il y a 7.
  5. La collecte doit rejeter le premier flux d'urine, qui est déversé dans les toilettes, et recueillir le second flux dans un récipient. Un échantillon provenant de plusieurs heures avant sans avoir uriné sera plus fiable, par exemple, le matin au réveil.. Le biochimiste insère une bandelette de test dans l'urine à tester

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L'analyse d'urine pour déceler la présence de cristaux doit être effectuée à température ambiante dans les huit heures après le prélèvement. Les cristaux se déposent lorsque la température de l'urine baisse. La présence de cristaux de struvite donnera éventuellement un résultat positif erroné. Les cristaux de struvite se déposeront aussi s'il y a une augmentation du pH, qui. L'analyse de l'urine par bandelettes est une des analyses les plus fréquentes au cabinet médical. Elle permet notamment la mise en évidence de troubles métaboliques, hépatiques et rénaux, ainsi que d'infections urogénitales. 1. Bandelette réactive urinaire Le test se compose d'une bandelette présentant des zones réactives de chimie sèche permettant de rechercher dans l. Sandalwood actress Ragini Dwivedi, who is in Central Crime Branchs (CCB) custody for her involvement in the infamous drug racket, has reportedly tried to dupe CCB officials by mixing water in her. This wasn't just pointless wondering, because I had narrowed this world's temperature down. I knew it was below 0°C because water is frozen, but it was above -40°C because they had vodka that is still liquid. To find out at what temperature urine freezes, I went to the internet

i know from my probation days that when you take a piss test that the temperature has to be between body temp and 90 degrees other wise the technician will tell you its a cold specimen and you will have to retake it and they cannot tell whether its male or female cause the drug screen is not designed to distinguish between the two.there is no assumption that the urine you give might possibly. When it comes to learning how to smuggle urine for a drug test, the key is how to keep the urine at body temp until it's submitted. Urine is actually always in the body within a very specific temperature range, between 96°F and 100°F pour échantillons d'urine APTIMA® K12 à température ambiante. Protocole de recueil d'urines pour Chlamydia trachomatis et/ou Neisseria gonorrhoeae en milieu APTIMA® ECHANTILLONS URINAIRES MASCULINS ET FÉMININS Demandez au patient de collecter le 1er jet d'urine (environ 10 ml) dans un récipient de collecte d'urine sans conservateur. La collecte d'un volume d'urine plus. Outre le test de grossesse, qui nous est très courant, des examens permettent d'étudier les composants normaux et anormaux de l'urine. Quand et comment les réaliser? En commençant par apprendre à recueillir les urines en vue d'une analyse, essayons de tout savoir sur ces examens urinaires La température de votre urine est un excellent indicateur de la température interne de votre corps, étant donné qu'elle est filtrée à partir de votre sang et qu'elle est généralement isolée de l'extérieur. En fait, en l'absence d'un thermomètre oral ou rectal approprié, prendre la température d'un spécimen fraîchement évacué à l'aide d'un thermomètre à sonde.

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Your friend needs to come with you to your test since the urine should be a certain temperature and you cannot use previously-stored urine. The sample needs to be about 30ml. Your friend should urinate either inside a squirty bottle, a Ziploc bag, or you can use a whizzinator too, which is a male urination simulation. Make sure that the container is sealed tightly to avoid leakage. Take the. Urine is normally warm because it comes from inside the body, which has a core temperature of 98.6°F. Hot urine occurs when urine is hotter than normal, such as during a fever, or when a person. What Is The Temperature Of Urine For A Drug Test. A drug test is a pass-or-fail test with genuine effects . You will want to pass all drug tests you come throughout not by relying on old spouses' tales or from people who declare they 'understand individuals' who've done and passed them, however from items that were made just for that function. There are four kinds of drug tests- urine. You can take a pregnancy test with 24-hour old urine. If you want to store urine for taking a pregnancy test, then you can keep it in an airtight container. Ideally, urine is most suitable for pregnancy test within 6-7 hours. Do you need to store urine in the refrigerator? If you live in a country with a high daytime temperature, then keep the. A urine drug screen, or urine drug test, can detect the presence of drugs in a person's system. Urine screens are the most common method of drug testing. They are painless, easy, quick, and cost.

  1. High urine temperature may be due to dehydration, fever. I am not sure if the marijuana can raise the urine temperature. Urine should generally be collected at a temperature of 91 to 99 degrees for drug testing and if it is outside this range, the sample is rejected
  2. An acceptable urine temperature for drug test analysis falls between the range of 32-38 °C (90-100 °F). If the drug test temperature is out of range, it is possible the urine is adulterated by substances (i.e. water) indicating the drug test has been falsified. Again, a TPA will have the greatest understanding of drug test results
  3. I took a urine test this morning and the temperature of my urine was 105. We took my temperature to see if I had a fever and it was 97.6. Why
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  1. LabCorp test details for Preëclampsia Monitoring Profile With 24-Hour Urine Skip to main content Alert: LabCorp COVID-19 Antibody Testing Maintain specimen at room temperature. Urine: Refrigerate. Whole blood: Stable for one day at room temperature; refrigerated for three days. Unstable frozen. Serum: Stable at room temperature and refrigerated for seven days. Stable for one day frozen.
  2. The temperature of human urine lies between 90 F and 100F, CCB sources said that the temperature was lesser, which led the doctors to believe that she may have mixed water with her urine sample to.
  3. g you do because why would you be reading about fake pee otherwise—your synthetic urine should be kept at body temperature. Remember that the sample will be tested for temperature immediately after you submit it to the lab technician. If it doesn't fall within 98 to 100 degrees, it won't fly and you're definitely failing the test
  4. er divers paramètres pouvant indiquer un processus inflammatoire dans le corps. Slime dans l'urine d'une personne en bonne santé dans l'analyse est presque pas déter
  5. How To Keep Urine Warm For A Drug Test, Body Temperature Whether Male Or Female In a scenario like this, some instant-heating powder would certainly save the day. There are several different ways to keep urine the right temperature to pass your test, but first of all make sure you actually know the temp you want to hit. The normal range for pee exiting the human body is about 94-96°F, or 35.
  6. Si vous effectuez toujours le test avec la première urine du matin, vous pouvez totalement passer à côté de votre pic de LH. Le jour du pic, la concentration de LH dans l'urine du matin peut ne pas encore être suffisamment élevée pour être détectée par le test d'ovulation, tandis que le jour suivant, le pic peut d'ores et déjà avoir eu lieu

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Tests showed a Faint Mono IgG, everything else is normal - Kidney tests etc. Question could the Cryoglobin test be positive although they said it is Negative. Read More In addition In the blood test that was taken concurrently with the 'morning' urine sample (specific gravity 1.012), both UREA and CREAT readings were reported as below the norm (2.9L mmol (range 3.0-7.5), 56L mmol (range 60. 20ml,30ml, 40ml, 60ml, 90ml,100ml, 120ml urine cup temperature urine test cup container US $0.04 - $0.04 / Piec A urine dipstick test is used by medical professionals to screen for various diseases and health conditions. To use a dipstick test, fill a container halfway with urine and dip your test strip into the container. If you're doing the test at home, you can hold the strip directly under your urine stream instead. When you've finished, wipe the. What Temperature Urine To Pass Drugs Test dt14. If you're going to be going through drug testing soon, whether for a task or some other reason, you may fidget about passing. If you have just recently used one or more of the substances that are usually checked for, then your test will likely return positive. Nevertheless, there are many items on the marketplace that can get rid of some and.

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Urine Temperature For Drug Test. If you wish to totally detox from cannabis or any other kind of drug, you can do it utilizing the total Toxin Rid Detox service. 10 Day Detox (advised): Here 5 Day Detox: Here. The following are choices for passing the 4 types of drug tests and how to pass them: 1. Urine Drug Evaluation. 100% Passing Rate: Fake Pee Here; Detox Drink Here; Urine drug tests are. A urine test can also include inspection from a human tester where they'll check your sample for things like consistency, smell, and temperature. If you're suspected of drug use , they might interview you and other people who know you ( either co-workers, friends, or family ) for more information There are many ways to pass a drug test, detox pills, Detox drinks both work very well, but none of them are the best. In my opinion, the absolute best way to pass a drug test is synthetic urine. There are so many brands of fake urine on the market, a few years ago, if the temperature was right you could have passed your test easily. Labs did not check the formula of your sample, didn't test. Keep urine warm in the short term with hand warmers. If you plan to use a urine sample within the hour, store it in a small, airtight bottle, such as a pill bottle. Keep it warm with a hand warmer. Right before you take the test, remove the hand warmer and let the urine come back down to your body temperature

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If your temperature is above 98.6F, see a doctor. If you have a separate, accurate thermometer, you could test the temperature of the urine as it leaves the body. This would be largely pointless. LabCorp test details for Ethyl Benzene Metabolite Profile, Urine Room temperature. 7 days. Refrigerated. 14 days. Frozen. 14 days. Test Details. Use. Monitor exposure to ethyl benzene. Methodology. Gas chromatography (GC) Reference Interval • Environmental exposure: None detected • Occupational exposure: BEI® (sampling time is the end of shift at the end of the work week): 700 mg/g. The temperature of the specimen for a Urine Test is received at or below normal body temperature of 98.6F, depending on transfer time to the Lab. The test itself, is pretty much temperature. Urine is normally about 98.6 degrees. The significance of the temperature during a drug screening test is that if it is too cold, it means the urine is not fresh and therefore not valid for the test. Peoplw have been known to use someone els's urine in order to pass a drug test

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A different test called a urine albumin test detects and measures small amounts of albumin in the urine. The The urine temperature promotes their formation. Crystals are identified by their shape, color, and by the urine pH. They may be small, sand-like particles with no specific shape (amorphous) or have specific shapes, such as needle-like. Crystals are considered normal if they are. Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Lewis on human urine temperature: Tb will usually not be detected on regular blood cultures, but if you have active pulmonary tb, then chest X-ray would be the first ste Are you looking to pass a urine drug test on short notice? Try the test clear real urine simulation product to clear the test. This Real powdered pee kit better than any other synthetic urine or fake pee products. Whenever you go for any job, the very first thing which you come across is your medical checkup Freshly produced sample of natural human urine has a temperature range of 94°-98°F. If your sample isn't within an acceptable temperature range, it will be dismissed from further testing and labeled invalid. High-quality fake pee usually features a heating mechanism that heats the sample and maintains its correct temperature. Next, the labs will test the specific gravity of the sample and.

The required amount for the test is 15ml or more, so to avoid being caught take care of how much of the product to use. Use of the Product . There are some important precautions while using fake urine. The product needs to match your body temperature so heating pads, etc. can be used to warm it up before using. If you are being monitored while. So here are several urine test tips to help with making sure you aren't caught in the next office drug sweep. Try And Stall To Provide Your Body The Opportunity To Get Rid Of The Drugs Many drugs are quickly eliminated with the kidneys and merely last about one day in your system. Don't do drugs late in the night and anticipate to pass and early morning test, you'll fail miserably. Every half. You're not likely to fail basic drug test submitting Quick Fix. As long as the lab assistant doesn't look at it to close, you'll be fine. The problem comes with submitting it within the right temperature range. Human urine amazingly exits the body at a very precise temperature, usually between around 96°F and 100°F The trick to passing the drug test is to make sure that the artificial pee is at the right temperature. The sample to be tested needs to be between 98-100 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason for this temperature? Normal human urine is between 98-100 degrees when it is given for a drug test. If the fake pee you are handing over is not the right.

M.alibaba.com has found 327 images of urine temperature for you. Alibaba.com owns large scale of urine temperature images in high definition, along with many other relevant product images urine temperature for drug test,urine test temperature,drug test urine temperature According to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the acceptable temperature range for a drug test urine sample is from 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Samples should be at least 30 milliliters, but samples above 15 milliliters can be tested. Temperature must be measured within 4 minutes of urination Urine tests have gotten much more sophisticated recently and now look for a number of defining features to ensure the sample is real. These include: Temperature. Agitation leading to bubbles. Creatine (which is naturally produced by the kidneys) pH level. Specific Gravity. If you aren't providing real urine, it is challenging to falsify a test. Scent. What Temperature Does Urine Have to Be to.

Normal urine specific gravity values are between 1.002 and 1.035. Values outside of this range suggest the sample has been tampered with or diluted. It is possible for a sample of urine to fail the urine specific gravity test. That is possible because the water in the urine freezes at a different temperature than the rest of the sample. The. Urine Drug Test Temperature. A drug test is a pass-or-fail exam with genuine consequences. As such, you will wish to pass all drug tests you stumble upon not by counting on old other halves' tales or from people who claim they 'understand individuals' who have actually done and passed them, but from products that were made just for that purpose. There are 4 sort of drug tests- urine. Home PSA Antigen Tests; Home Testosterone Tests. Kidney Health: Home Testing: Home Kidney Testing; Home Microalbumin Tests (Kidney) Home Urine Protein Tests (Kidney) Home Urinary Tract Infection Test Kits. Conditions listing medical symptoms: Blood in urine: The following list of conditions have 'Blood in urine' or similar listed as a symptom. Drug Test Specimen Cup temperature indicators reversibly change color with six temperatures making up a complete range between 90F (32C) and 100F (38C). Shop Now Request a Quote × Close. TLCSEN321 Self-Adhesive Urine Temperature Strip Range: 90°F ~ 100°F. Quantity Available: 12871 . Price: $0.26. Retrouvez toutes les promotions et réductions Ph Urine Tester sur Aliexpress France ! Livraison rapide Produits de qualité à petits prix Aliexpress : Achetez malin, vivez mieu

Rechercher des fabricants et fournisseurs des Tasse D'urine Thermomètre produits de Tasse D'urine Thermomètre qualité supérieure Tasse D'urine Thermomètre et à bon prix sur Alibaba.co The heater provided in the TEST CLEAR Powdered Urine Kit raises the temperature of the water to the optimal 90-99 degree Fahrenheit range on its own. It is also recommended that you use only one heater to raise the temperature of the water unless you are under time pressure to do so. If you do not see a temperature reading on the temperature strip, this does not mean that it is broken, it. This will help you determine the temperature of your urine. You could also skip this step and dribble a bit on the underside of your forearm to test the temperature like a mom would do with a baby bottle. If you don't feel it, you know it's the right temp. If it feels too hot or too cold you'll need to make some adjustments Drug Monitoring, Mitragynine, with Confirmation, Urine - Monitoring of Mitragynine in urine, the results of this test are used in specific treatment programs to determine compliance with prescribed dosing schedules Laissez l'échantillon revenir à température ambiante et mélangez-le bien avant de procéder au test. Une exposition prolongée de l'échantillon à température ambiante peut favoriser une croissance microbienne et éventuellement modifier le pH. Ces 2 phénomènes peuvent altérer les résultats du test. Si l'analyse d'urine ne peut être effectuée dans les 2 heures, les échantillons.

Specimen Collection and Storage | Urine Sample Cups | TherapakWhizzinator: What Is It, Does It Work and How To UseOSOM hCG Card Pregnancy Test | Medline Industries, Inc

Acheter La Chine Urines Écran directement des La Chine usines sur Alibaba.com. Aider les acheteurs mondiaux à rechercher Urines Écran facilement World's Ultimate Guide to Passing Any Drug Test (Urine, Blood, Saliva, Hair) Your friend should provide their urine right before your test since it needs to be a specific temperature (if you can't use previously-stored urine). Use a heating pad to keep the urine warm enough. Keep the bottle close to the genital region while it's inside your underpants. Transfer at least 30mL of fluid. The Adhesive-Backed Urine Temp Strips provide a low cost, convenient means for checking urine sample validity through temperature measurement. The adhesive backing will adhere to most plastic containers. Valid temperature readings can be obtained with most plastic cups. Sold individually, in sheets of up to 62 temp strips One of the main reasons why urine testing for drugs fails is the urine temperature. People need to keep it around 37° celsius. That's why some people prefer using synthetic urine and a urinator. This device can be used as a urine warmer for a drug test, as evidenced by our Urinator reviews. Product Details ***BONUS COMES WITH OVER $100.00 OF URINE*** The Urinator Device Consists of the. A urine drug test can detect if someone has used narcotics in the last few days. Adding water to the urine will reduce the urine temperature, which is roughly equal to the body temperature. Ragini was later made to drink some more water and give another urine sample. The CCB made sure she didn't mix water in it

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